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chelfitsch & Teppei Kaneuji『Eraser Stone』

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Can we use theater to present a world in which objects are equal to people rather than trapped in their usual subservient relationship? Through the theater version of their Eraser creation, Eraser Mountain, and museum version, Eraser Forest, chelfitsch and Teppei Kaneuji have endeavored to present a new way for people, objects and spaces to relate, within two very different formats. As an extension of this they offer up their latest experiment: the online version, Eraser Fields. This book version, Eraser Stone, meanwhile, serves as both a document of Eraser Mountain and Eraser Forest, and a key to deeper understanding of the Eraser series. We hope the words and photographs recorded here in stone will help you to enjoy the series to the fullest. Introduction | Maintaining “Eraser Mode“ and making it part of everyday life Toshiki Okada Eraser Stone | Teppei Kaneuji Conversation | Toshiki Okada × Teppei Kaneuji Photos and script | Eraser Mountain, Eraser Forest Reviews | Eraser Mountain – Eraser Forest – Eraser Mountain – Eraser Stone Hiromi Kurosawa Doubts, trials and pleasures Akio Miyazawa Posthuman theater and art – A world rid of human scale and inflexible minds/bodies Masatake Shinohara What is ”theater that does not speak to the audience"? – On Eraser Mountain Tadashi Uchino A short ethical organum for weak performances – Review: Eraser Forest Kyoko Iwaki Interviews the actors and the staff | So how did you ”disappear incompletely“? What challenges did you face with Eraser Mountain and Eraser Forest Information | A4, 144pages, Japanese/English Edited by Hiromi Kurosawa, Koichi Nakata, Ayumi Ikeda (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa), Mari Itabashi, Takashi Ogami (Shukyu) Editorial Cooperation Tamiko Ouki, Hitomi Sato, Nanami Endo (precog co., LTD.) Text Toshiki Okada, Teppei Kaneuji, Hiromi Kurosawa, Akio Miyazawa, Masatake Shinohara,Tadashi Uchino, Kyoko Iwaki Translation Pamela Miki Associates, Ben Davis, James Koetting Photos Yuki Moriya, Courtesy of Kyoto Experiment, Keizo Kioku, Yasuhiro Ohara Photo Assistance Yamabuki Factory Collage Teppei Kaneuji Design Akinobu Maeda, Akira Kuroki (Maeda Design Llc.) Published by Shukyu Printed and Bounded by Hakkou Bijyutsu.Co.,Ltd.

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